Q&A: how much do online tarot readers make a year?

how much do online tarot readers make a year?
i’m a single mother and was for some reason drawn to tarot reading and was wondering how much someone could posibaly make working for a reputable company online reading tarot ball park figures would be nice a thank you

Suggestion by Hal Roach
It depends on how active you are at getting clients. On-line reading can be quite competitive, so you can’t expect to charge as much as you’d charge for a normal face-to-face reading. I’d recommend trying to do it off-line before you try to make an on-line business out of it.

Suggestion by Scarlet MacBlu
I’ve made about $ 100 doing online tarot readings since February, which is more than I expected.

You cannot feed your family and pay rent by doing online tarot readings, even if you are the most popular and most expensive tarot reader on the whole internet. You might be able to get extra spending money or even eke by if you use it as a second income, but it’s not exactly a lucrative career choice. Do it because you love it, not because you need the money. If you need the money, online tarot isn’t the way to go.

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Can anyone do a tarot reading for me online? I know it’s silly but I’m just so bored and really curious.?
You see, I’ve just finished my national exam and am really bored and the results are only gonna be released next month! (been waiting for 1 month, one more agonizing month to go)

Well, what I would like to know is if I’ll do well for it and if I’ll get to where I want to go with those results.. thanks in advance!!

Suggestion by the voices in your head,
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Completion): Romance. Society. Harmony. Newly acquired prosperity. Tranquility. The fruits of labor. Rest after strife.

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