Can you name one 18+ night club that is in Longview TX?

Can you name one 18+ night club that is in Longview TX?
Im trying to arrange an outing with friends since I’m back from college but this specific information cant be found anywhere online.

Suggestion by Country GIRL
Longview Bars clubs | Bars clubs in Longview, TX – Cached
18. Summit Club. 211 E Tyler St # 722, Longview … Related Searches for Bars clubs in Longview, TX. night clubs; bars; dance clubs; strip clubs; clubs; sports bars …
Longview Night clubs for 18 and up | Night clubs for 18 and … Cached
18 listings of Night Clubs in Longview on Find reviews, directions & phone numbers for the best night clubs for 18 and up in Longview, TX. … Night Clubs, Bars
Night Clubs in Longview, TX on Yahoo! Local… Cached
Night Clubs in Longview, TX on Yahoo! … – Buy Pure Nightclub Las Vegas VIP Tickets, … Results 1-10 of 18
Longview Bars | Bars in Longview, TX – Cached
18. Reo Palm Isle Ballroom. … Related Searches for Bars in Longview, TX. night clubs; restaurants; sports bars; bar and grill; cocktail lounges; gay bars; Previous 1 2;
Longview, Texas – Topless and Nude Strip Clubs
Home | Clubs | Reviews | Top 10 | Discuss | Articles | Add a Club | Free Girls on Webcam 18+ Get the full story! Read all the Reviews. … Longview, Texas Club Type: Nude
Longview Bars And Nightclubs – Find Bars And Nightclubs in … Cached
Looking for Bars And Nightclubs in the Longview area? Scan your options for great Bars And Nightclubs in and near to Longview, TX here. If you need some …
Longview Night Clubs | Night Life in Longview, TX Cached
Yellow Pages online for Night Clubs in Longview, TX. Edit … Some clubs are for those 18 and older, … Some clubs are martini bars, …
Nightclubs in Longview, Texas | Cached
Longview, Texas offers a variety of activity for … For a night out, … Electric Cowboy welcomes all guests who are 18 and over. The club is closed on Mondays and …
Longview Night clubs | Night clubs in Longview, TX – Cached
Bars; Email; Send to Mobile; Facebook; Twitter; Improve this … Featured Night Clubs in Longview, TX. Time Out Gentlemen’s Club 13540 State Highway 155 S, Tyler …
Longview Nightclubs in Longview TX Yellow Pages by Superpages Cached
Bars (3) 6 More. Civic Clubs & Organizations (2) Performing Arts (1) … Nightclubs in Longview TX. View a larger version of this map Smaller map * Sponsored Result

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I have been reading athiesm books for several months. I feel like I am having trouble believing anymore, but?
don’t want to give up on my faith until I am sure. I have only been to church once in over a year. No one konws this . it is driving my crazy. what should I do?

Suggestion by Buddy
If you really want to be an atheist the best thing to read is religious scripture.

Suggestion by Flooty
I would talk to someone who has some intelligence and is a Christian. I read CS Lewis and Mere Christianity. You can do as you wish but atheism is a dead end.

Suggestion by Hateless
God wants all His children to follow him. I suggest you stop reading Atheism books and pick up your Bible

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8 Responses to Can you name one 18+ night club that is in Longview TX?

  1. Theophilous October 27, 2013 at 11:52 am #

    So what part of your faith are you having doubts about? Be specific. It is unreasonable to expect an answer without knowing what the questions are.

  2. Dave October 27, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

    About a year ago I was reading online about different religons. Intitially I was only intrigued about different cultures and the many different religions around the world. The more I read the more I sought this material out. My father gave me a book called “The case for Christ” by: Lee Strobel, so I read it. It’s a lot to digest quickly, as result I did not read it probably like I should have initially.

    I later came across a website called “” (Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry) and there was an advertisement for a free book called “Revolution in world ministries”, by: K.P. Yohannan. I ordered the book and when I recevied it I read it that day. Every part of me really wanted to believe what was in this book. So having read about the benefits of fasting and the communication line it establishes with God in the Judeo-Christian faiths, I wanted to dedicate every fiber of my being for a sign from God. It’s not that I didn’t believe in a God, it’s that I have always tried not to.

    The first day I began my fasting I spent every waking moment in deep prayer. I would pray about friends and family, forgivness of my sins, the mercy of God the world over, and the establishment of hope everywhere through him. I wanted something I could reflect on throughout the rest of my life and say, ‘Here he is, God does exist’ and so that’s why I also prayed for God to reveal himslef to me.

    About midday the second day I was sitting on my bed meditating in prayer when as quick as lightening I felt a peace flow through me. I understood two things about this peace. This peace was the Holy Spirit and that my sins had been forgiven. This was a peace I had not felt since I was a child. I put the palm of my hands facing up and my arms out infront of me so I could receive what God was giving me. The thrid day I had a v8 and continued to fast until 72 hours had passed.

    This is my testomony and I challenge you to repent and give everything you have to turn your heart over to God. Sometimes it takes a matter of days, sometimes it takes months or even years, but God will reveal himself to those who seek him. When you get a sign don’t let go of it.

  3. carl October 27, 2013 at 1:13 pm #

    Try reading some other books. I recommend:

    C.S. Lewis – “Miracles” (must read for the doubter) and “Mere Christianity”
    Peter Kreeft – “Handbook of Apologetics”
    St. Thomas Aquinas – “Summa Theologica” (not an easy read but definitely one of the best)

  4. MamaLuna October 27, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

    There really is no way “to be sure” you need to separate what you wish to be true and what you truly believe is true.

  5. mensan October 27, 2013 at 1:44 pm #

    Think about what you truly believe. Ask yourself questions about who’s responsible for what. Personally, I just learned about the Big Bounce Theory, and I like it a lot better than the Big Bang Theory. Read some science books in the library. There, there are more theories than in one book, and you don’t have to buy any.

    There are also a lot of religion books, if you’re still interested, but there are never any NEW theories in that.

  6. Bulldog Drummond October 27, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    Until you’re sure of what?

    You have a conscious decision to make. Is evidence important to you or not? If it is, then there is no problem, because there is no empirical evidence for the existence of God. Or, if you don’t care about evidence, then you can believe in God or anything else that appeals to you. You can even make up things yourself and believe in them.

  7. Pepere Eldridge October 27, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    How old are you? If you’re a kid, talk to your parents about your doubts and struggles. It’s a parents job to assist his/her child during times of spiritual aridity. Questions and doubts about God and religion are normal and all part of growing up. Doubts and struggles are signs an adult uses to deepen one’s relationship with God .

  8. Jim October 27, 2013 at 4:21 pm #

    Ask Jesus(God) to help you.

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